Some of the most beautiful places are abandoned, or historically significant. These are just a sample of what lie waiting for the adventurous.  

Six 30ft ovens remain nestled near the town of Ely, Nevada. These ovens were responsible for making charcoal to heat the nearby town and mines. Built in 1876, they are preserved by local authorities

Built in 1893, the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse was then moved to it's final location in 1919.

Idaho is home to some of the most breathtaking canyons, mountains and prairies in the country. Should you find yourself lost in southwest Idaho, stop by and see Idahome. Pictures and videos cannot do it justice.

In the small desert town of Goldfield Nevada, artists from across the globe use these oddly placed vehicles as their canvas.

Off the shores of Staten Island in New York, rests hundreds of rusting boats, ships and even a submarine. Used primarily as a marine scrapyard, the water surrounding is some of the most toxic in the area. Some of boats are over 100 years old.